Hydrophobic lotus leaves.

water droplet on lotus leaf

Hydrophobic lotus leaves.


Ingenious capacities :

Lotus is a chlorophyll plant able to swallow some carbon dioxide during the day to create some oxygen. This is vital for every life form on Earth. However for lotus, do this phenomenon is complicated as it lives in a marshy zone where there is a lot of dust. To do photosynthesis, it’s essential to have clean leaf. This plant has therefore a technique to remove the impurities that sprinkles every day. Indeed, the hydrophobic lotus leaves of this plant are never contaminated thanks to its self-cleaning property: “Superhydrophobia”

How? Thanks to a double structure formed out of a characteristic epidermis and the covering waxes.
Its irregular microscopic structure and cells with a dense arrangement of wax crystals form superhydrophobic surfaces and an extremely reduced contact area(2).


That’s why water (or any other liquid) does not adhere to the leaf but slides on it before falling. When the liquid rolls on the leaf, it takes with it all the impurities and dusts which are on its surface.
This makes the lotus leaf a self-cleaning surface. This capacity is perhaps the most concrete and the most useful to fight bacteria, viruses, microbes, or even molds.

It will surprise no one that this pure lotus constantly inspires many scientists in search of new technologies and is carefully selected by DiviniTea in order to guarantee you the best therapeutic properties .


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