Healthy Lotus Tea

A ritual of inner peace which will bring energy, harmony, tranquility and joy.

Learn aboutHistory

History tells us that Asian Emperors used to love the smell of lotus flower. To satisfy them, servants
were told to go onto the nearby lake to place some loose leaves of tea in few lotus flowers. They were used to
nail them to keep them close all night. The next morning, delivered from its holy jail, steamed tea was impregnated with all the
delicate fragrances of the lotus. Then It was served to Emperor.

Our tea offers you an unique taste of fragrances fused through a proven process.

Learn aboutAdaptation of the ancestral Asian method

It is according to this method that our tea makers select, prepare, and dry carefully each flower.

Pinches of oolong tea are delicately packed inside tailor made light silk bags, called organza, and
cautiously wrapped within the freshly blossomed lotus bodies.
During 3 consecutive nights inside 3 different flowers. Our selected oolong tea is steaming, kept inside lotus
flowers, to capture all delicate fragrances and unique taste.
At the end of the steaming period, oolong tea is collected to be dried inside solar dryers to get rid of
water excess. All added floral components are equally naturally dried to preserve all of the lotus
extraordinary properties.
After being cautiously manufactured, our production quality is scrupulously controlled.

Organza bag wrapped

Lotus flower nailed

Solar oven drying

Quality control

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